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A Closer Look at Some of My Families


Oliver was born September 10, 1850 in Fairfield County, Ohio a son of Carpenter Weaver and Rebecca Fox. He was married to Phoebe Snyder a daughter of Thomas Calendar Snyder and Mary Jane Clunk on June 7, 1879 in Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio. Phoebe was born December 1, 1858 in Wyandot, County, Ohio. Soon after their marriage they moved to Liberty Township in Wood County, Ohio and leased a house and land not far from the Wingston cemetery and Church. The cemetery remains but the church and their house was torn down.

According to a family story, Oliver's mother was a Native American called "Dancing" or "Running" Fox. The only thing we know for sure is her last name was Fox.

From a grandson of Phoebe's we know that when she and her parents moved from Wyandot County, Ohio to Henry County, they went by wagon and the children walked beside the wagon most of the way.

They raised a family of eleven children. In the 1910 census we learn that Phoebe had 11 children born and 11 children living. Pretty good for those days!

A little before Oliver's death in 1925, being ill and unable to farm and very poor, the family decided he would go to Illinois to live with his sons and Phoebe would stay in Ohio and live with the daughters there. My mom was told he wanted to see the Mississippi River, which he did get to see. Oliver died in Crawford County, Illinois September 29, 1925 and his children, Olive Kever, Warren and Floyd Weaver took his body back to Ohio by train. The Doctor on his death certificate was Dr. Brooks, who was the Doctor who delivered me in 1937.

Phoebe lived another 24 years, and I remember seeing her once when I was small. She died May 22, 1949 in Cygnet, Wood County, Ohio and she and Oliver are buried in The Wingston Cemetery which overlooks the land they had raised their eleven children on. Aunt Ercell put Elizabeth as her middle name on the death certificate, but in most census the initial is J, so I think her middle name was Jane.

The children:

1. OLIVE MAY WEAVER born August 1, 1880 in Wood County, Ohio. She married John Benjamin Kever the oldest son of Jacob Kever and Clara Gatton on May 7, 1908. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Crawford County,Illinois, where John worked in the oil fields. At one time they lived in "Tent City" near Stoy, Illinois. Most of their married life was spent living in "pumper's shacks" which was housing provided for the oil field workers. John died in Robinson, Illinois January 12, 1959 and Ollie died in Robinson, Illinois August 7, 1968, they are both buried at the Kirk Chapel Cemetery in Rural Robinson, Illinois, across the road from where they used to live. They also used to take care of the Church and Church Yard. Granddad rang the Church Bell every Sunday morning at 9 A.M.

2. EDNA WEAVER born January 14, 1883 in Liberty Township, Wood County, Ohio. Edna married Irvin Walters, born June 25, 1882 in North Baltimore, Ohio a son of Moses Walters and Sophia Henry (this per family information on Ancestry World Tree). They raised a family of nine children. Irvin died April 10, 1950 in Risingsun, Ohio and Edna died April 4, 1973 in Wood County, Ohio.

3. WARREN WEAVER born May 9, 1885 in Henry County, Ohio. His grandmother, Mary Jane Snyder was the midwife. He married Margaret "Maggie" McConnel around 1912 possibly in Michigan. Uncle Warren died January 7, 1967 in Robinson, Illinois and Aunt Maggie died in Robinson. They are both buried at Kirk Chapel Cemetery, Rural Robinson, Illinois next to their young son Roger. They raised 3 daughters to adulthood. Uncle Warren ran a "Power House" which housed the big engines that powered the "rod lines" to the Oil Jacks, he worked for the Ohio Oil Company. We kids were warned to never go into the power house and it was kept locked, unless he was working there. I always enjoyed going to their house on Sunday afternoons with my grandparents.

4. FLOYD WEAVER born August 14, 1887 in Wood County, Ohio. He married Grace Whitmer a daughter of William Whitmer in Crawford County, Illinois. Uncle Floyd died October 28, 1946, the first of Oliver and Phoebe's children to die. He loved to hunt and fish and one of his bird dogs that I remember was "Old Blue". Even in his last illness, they took him to the Wabash River in his wheelchair so he could fish. Aunt Grace died after an eight year illness at her daughters house in Dale, Illinois. They are both buried in the Robinson New cemetery. They raised two daughters. Uncle Floyd worked for the Ohio Oil Company also, and their house was not far from my grandparents and I used to ride my bike over and see them. I just missed being born on his birthday by 20 minutes.

5. DOROTHY H. "DOT" WEAVER born November 13, 1889 in Wood County, Ohio. She married Edgar Maurer in February of 1913. Aunt Dot died December 17, 1978. She and Edgar raised one son and a daughter. I remember when a child visiting Aunt Dot in Bowling Green, Ohio and being so impressed by her colored bathtub.

6. HARRY WEAVER born in July 1892 in Wood County, Ohio. Uncle Harry married Emma Christain on November 11, 1922 in Oklahoma. Harry died in Davis, Oklahoma in July of 1953. He and Emma had seven children. Uncle Harry was the only one of this family that I did not know personally. But I used to help grandma read letters from his wife Emma.

7. NELLIE "NELL" WEAVER born September 29, 1895 in Wood County, Ohio. She married Alva Smith Sr. September 12, 1912 he was born in 1895 and died in 1957. Aunt Nell died December 26, 1984. They are buried in the Wingston Cemetery beside their deceased son, Alvah Smith Jr. who was killed in World War II. They had two sons.

8. MARY WEAVER born May 14, 1898 in Wood County, Ohio. She married Lester Dill January 29, 1917. Uncle Les was born in 1892 the son of Edward and Emma J. Dill. He died in 1950. Aunt Mary moved to Port Angeles, Washington to be near her deceased son's children, where she died July 16, 1991. Her ashes were shipped back to Ohio for buriel beside Les in the Wingston Cemetery. She and Les raised two sons.

9. ERCELL R. WEAVER was born April 17, 1900 in Wood County, Ohio. She married Everett Reason Whitacre the son of Robert and Altha Whitacre on February 7, 1918. Uncle Finn, as he was called, was born January 11, 1898 and was in World War I, being discharged August 26, 1919. Aunt Ercell died April 15, 1980 and Uncle Finn died March 1984 in Maumee, Ohio. They are buried in the Wingston Cemetery. They raised a son and a daughter.

10. RUBY JEANETTE WEAVER was born a twin, November 21, 1903 in Wood County, Ohio. She married first Clarence Snyder, they had a daughter and a son. She then married Charles Barnes who died in 1960. Aunt Ruby was the last of the eleven to die at a beautiful 96 years young, she passed away in May of 2000. She, her son, nephew and niece would visit us in Illinois at least once a year. They last visited in the fall of 1999. Once they all drove from Bowling Green, Ohio out to Port Angeles, Washington to see Aunt Mary. Staying with her nieces and nephews all along the way. I believe they said, they only had to stay in a Motel two nights. I still miss her.

11. RUTH I WEAVER was born a twin November 21, 1903 in Wood County, Ohio. She married first Fred Burkhart on February 1924. Fred was born July 17, 1899 and died in November 1969 in Milton Center, Ohio. They had one son. They divorced and she married Clarence Moorhead. Aunt Ruth died August 23, 1987 and she and sister Ruby are buried side by side in the Wingston Cemetery.
Ruby and Ruth were identical and unless you knew them well or saw them together it was hard to tell them apart. They even dressed alike as adults and were always very close. Once when they were 17 or 18 years old they worked at the same store and really confused the customers.

The above information was by my research, family recollections, obituaries, death certificates, Social Security Records and a page from the Weaver Family Bible with all the marriages on it.

I recently received from the Wood County Public Library, a copy of the obituaries for Harry, Edna, Dot, Nell, Mary, Ercell, Ruby and Ruth which with the exception of Ruby I did not have. In some of the obits, Henry Co., Ohio was given as place of birth. I do know my grandmother was born in Wood County and Warren was born in Henry County and some of the other middle children might have been born near their grandmother in Henry County also, but Oliver and Phoebe were living in Liberty Township, Wood County when all the children were born. I also have obits for Olive, Warren and Floyd. Harry was also in World War I.

Linda Anderson Knapp only grandchild of Olive Weaver Kever



Thomas Nicholas Jackson (per his death certificate) was born October 24, 1850 in Martin County, Indiana. He was Christened 17 November 1850 in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Barr Twp. Daviess County, Indiana by Fr. P.J.R. Murphy. The sponsor was Miss Mary Lents. He was the first born son of Reason T. Jackson and Ann Harriett Lents, who were married by Fr. Murphy on 20 November 1849, witnesses being William E. Spalding and Miss Mary Ellen Lents.

On 24 September 1872 in Daviess County, Indiana he married a neighbor, Mary Ann Pate, daughter of Benjamin Allen Pate and Permelia, his wife. They were married by Thomas Brown J.P. Mary Ann Pate was born 4 February 1850 in Van Buren Twp. in Daviess County, Indiana. The Pate family were not Catholic.

"Nick" Jackson and Mary Ann lived all their lives in the Martin and Daviess County area of Indiana, probably along the road that seperates the two counties.

Mary Ann Pate Jackson died of TB on 5 November 1906 leaving Nick to care for some of the younger children still at home. Mary Ann Jackson is buried in the Williams Cemetery in Brown Twp. Martin County, Indiana near her parents and grandparents. This cemetery is in the Crane Naval Depot and access is limited.

Nick was a carpenter and sometimes farmer and he lived another 24 years after Mary Ann died. He died 6 November 1930 in Daviess County and is buried in the St. John's Cemetery in Washington, Indiana. His name is not in the Book for that Cemetery, so either he had no stone or the name was missed when that cemetery was "read" years ago.

Their children were:

1. JAMES A. JACKSON was born 17 Jan 1874 and probably died before 1900. As in that census Mary Ann had one child deceased and I have found no further record of James.

2. FRANCIS PATRICK JACKSON was born 17 Mar 1875 and died before 1955. He married first Lein Ava/Iva Storm (1879-1912) on 25 Dec 1898 in Martin County. He next married Myrtle Montgomery on 29 Oct 1913.

3. JOHN ALLEN (or ARVIN) JACKSON was born 17 Nov 1875 in Martin County. and died 21 Jun 1941 in Daviess County. According to his death certificate he died of a "cut jugular" and it was signed by the Coroner. John worked in the coal mines. He is buried in the IOOF cemetery in Wheatland, Indiana. On 26 Aug 1896 in Martin County he married Mary A. Anthus. She survived his 1941 death. I have found two children for them, there may have been others.

4. WALTER ORAM JACKSON was born 15 Jan 1878 in Daviess County he also died before 1955. On 25 Jun 1901 in Martin County he married Mary Agnes Madden, who was born about 1881. They had two children by the last census I have found them in.

5. MARY EVA/EVELINE JACKSON was born 24 Feb 1880 in Daviess County. She died 25 Oct 1955 in Robinson, Crawford Co., Illinois and is buried beside her husband in the Robinson New Cemetery. She married Jay B. Anderson (1866-1935) on 24 Dec 1902 in Washington, Indiana. These are my grandparents. They had 3 daughters and 5 sons. One daughter and two sons preceded their mother in death.

6. ALMA ROSALEE JACKSON was born 23 Dec 1881 in Daviess County. She died 27 Dec 1968 in Oden, Daviess County, Indiana and is buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery. She married David Elmer Shively (1881-1942) on 30 Mar 1902 in Martin County, Indiana. They had 5 daughters and 2 sons. Some descendants still live in the area.

7. GRACE ELLEN JACKSON was born 31 Dec 1883 in Daviess County. She died 15 Nov 1967 in Raglesville, Daviess County, Indiana and is buried in the Raglesville Cemetery. She married Ursel Victor Zigler (1885-1931) on 24 Nov 1912 in Martin County. They had 4 sons and 1 daughter.

8. SIDNEY HAROLD JACKSON was born 3 Oct 1885 in Daviess County. He died 25 Nov 1969 in Oden, Indiana and is buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery. On 19 Feb 1916 in Daviess County he married Lydia G. Miller (1897-1983) in Daviess County.

9. GROVER CLEVELAND JACKSON was born 5 Sep 1887 in Daviess County. He died 7 Sep 1964 in Daviess County and is buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery. On 29 Dec 1913 in Daviess County he married Jessie Winkleplack (1893-1962) in Daviess County. They had at least two sons.

10. BENJAMIN HARRISON JACKSON was born 18 Nov 1889 in Daviess County. He is listed as being inducted at Rugby, North Dakota May 24, 1918, sent to Camp Lewis, Washington, served in Comapny A, 34th Engineers, to discharge; overseas from August 16, 1918 to August 5, 1919. Discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa on August 11, 1919 as a Private. He may be the Benjamin Harrison Jackson who died 25 Aug 1963 in Missouri and buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas. Unknown for sure and unknown about any wife or family.

11. ROBERT NICHOLAS JACKSON was born 7 July 1892 in Daviess County and died 18 July 1971 in Traer, Tama County, Iowa. This is from the on-line Social Security Records, and the death date fits what was in one of the Martin County Cemetery Record Books. Needs more research.

I remember once, while in Indianapolis with my grandmother, Mary E. Anderson, visiting some people with a woman called "Aunt Mary" This was probably a sister-in-law to my grandmother.It could have been Mary Anthus wife of John or Mary Madden wife of Walter.

Years ago my cousin, Portia Sechrest White sent me a letter her mother, Beatrice Anderson Sechrest had kept. This letter was from Grace Ellen Jackson Zigler and gave many birth and death dates of her brothers and sisters and two generations of Pate family genealogy. I will always be grateful for that letter from gr-aunt Grace.