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This page will give new information on members of our families.

MINERVA JANE WEAVER (see January 2002 Picture)

Minerva J. is found in 1850 and 1860 in Fairfield Co., OH with her parents, Carpenter Weaver and Rebecca Fox, in 1870 she is working outside the family home. According to the IGI she married Amor T. McNamee, 7 Mar 1872 in Fairfield Co., OH (this taken from original Fairfield Co. OH marriage records by the Mormon Church)
From family members John and Judy Krug, Amor T. McNamee was born 18 Feb 1840 in Hitesdale, Fairfield Co. Ohio to Thomas J McNamee Jr. and Bertha Torrence (his 1st wife, he later married Susan Snyder). He died 8 Nov 1892 (probably in Tama Co., Iowa.
A submitted Family Group Record on Family Search has Minerva born 24 Jun 1846 in Basil, Fairfield Co., OH, however her parents were in Greenfield Twp. in all the census. And the 1900 census the month of birth looks like Jan. 1846. She,according to the Group Record, died 27 Oct 1929 in Dysart, Tama County, Iowa and is buried in the Dysart Cemetery, Dysart is in Clark Twp. in Tama County, Iowa. Amor and Minerva's farm was in Section 9 of Clark Twp.
I have found Minerva and Amor McNamee in 1880 Clark Twp. Tama Co., Iowa
Amor McNamee self employed age 40 born in Ohio
Minerva J. wife age 34 born in Ohio
In 1900 Minerva has nephew George and neice Laura and their son Gilson M. living with her.
In 1910 Minerva McNamee has her sister Elizabeth Carothers age 69 living with her.
In 1920 Minerva (listed as Mary J. McNamee) is age 73 with a 19 year old roomer Frank Helm.

Once, before, my great aunts, Ruby and Ruth Weaver were born in 1903, one of Oliver's sisters, who had no children wanted to adopt, Mary and Ercil, but gr-grandma Phoebe said "NO". This must have been "Aunt Nane" (Minerva Jane). Also Aunt Ruby told me once, that one of her aunts left all of Oliver's children some money when she died about $100 a piece. Probably Aunt Nane also, or perhaps Aunt "Sis" Carothers.

From John Krug (and wife Judy), a descendant of George Washington McNamee, nephew of Amor T. McNamee I learned a little more on Aunt Nane's (or as she was called in Iowa, Aunt Jane) story.

In 1893 in New York City a lady named Margaret "Maggie" Bard Morris (Marese/Maresca) died leaving 5 children to be cared for by their father, Charles Morris (aka Pasqual Marese/Maresca). Charles deciding he could not care for five young children turned his children over to the New York Children's Aid Society, with the understanding they would be placed in good homes and that they not be adopted and all five placed in the same town.
The oldest of these children was Laura age 12. They rode a train (Orphan Train) to Dysart, Iowa and were taken in by local families. Laura's family abused her, so the town ask the widow, Minerva McNamee if she would take the girl into her home. Laura went to live with Minerva and eventually married her husband's nephew George Washington McNamee, who worked his Aunt's farm as a hired man. Later Minerva turned over the farm to George and Laura and moved into the town of Dysart, Iowa and bought a house. When she died she left the house to Laura Morris McNamee only. Laura and George had 13 children, the oldest girl being named Ercell. John Krug's mother was Mary Jane McNamee Krug who was the 5th child of the marriage and lived to be almost 95 (dying in 2001)
After Amor died Minerva continued to farm with assistance from her brother-in-law, David Crockett McNamee and his son, George Washington McNamee


John G. Weaver was born December 1839 to Carpenter Weaver and Rebecca Fox. See October 2001 picture. In 1850 and 1860 he is found with his parents in Greenfield Twp. Fairfield Co., Ohio, occupation is Boating. So far I have not found him in 1870. In the census of 1880 he is living with wife Julia. He is 40 and Julia is 42. He is listed as a farmer. They live on Lehman Ave. in Bowling Green, Wood Co., Ohio. In 1900 he and Julia are still on Lehman Ave in Bowling Green and he is a retired farmer age 60 and Julia is 64.
In the Daily Sentinel Thurs. Nov 20, 1902 is this obituary"
"Mrs. John Weaver, one of Bowling Green's most estimable women, died suddenly at her home on Lehmann avenue at 11 o'clock Wednesday night. Her death is attributed to heart trouble.
The funeral will be held from the home Saturday afternoon at 1:30, Interment in Oak Grove."
In 1910 John G. Weaver is 69 still living on Lehman Ave. with a wife of 5 years, Sarah C. age 59 born in West Virginia. Sarah C. said she had no children. However living with them is:
George A Mitchell stepson age 33 born in Penn
Ruby S Mitchell stepdau age 17 born in Penn
Dore R Hazlett stepdau age 35 born in Penn
Marguerite S Hazlett stepgranddau age 10 born in Penn
If Sarah C. had no children, then they must be her stepchildren as well.
So far I have been unable to find a death date for John G. Weaver.
Proof that he and Oliver Weaver were brothers is from the obituary of Reason D. Carothers, their nephew who died in 1907.
I have last found John G. Weaver still living on Lehman Ave. in 1920 age 82 listed as a widower.


Calista was born 28 August 1841 to Carpenter and Rebecca Fox Weaver. She is found with her parents in 1850 and 1860, known as Calista or Kalista. However during her marriage years and widow-hood she goes by Elizabeth.

She married a much older man around 1878 in probably Wood County, Ohio. He was William R. Carothers born about 1815 in Columbiana Co., Ohio. His first wife had been Mary M. Kieffer with whom he had 7 children and one adopted son named John Wiggs. Only two daughters of this first family survived him in 1896, Mrs. W. H. Richardson of Bowling Green, Ohio and Mrs. M. G. Loomis of Ashley, Michigan, plus the adopted son John Wiggs.
Elizabeth and William had one son, Reason D. Carothers born 31 May 1882. Known as Reese, he died in an oil field accident on 16 May 1907, at the time he and his wife and daughter were living with his widowed mother, Elizabeth. I believe his wife was Sadie A. and daughter Helen W. as I have found those two living with a sister and brother-in-law in the 1910 census in Liberty Township, Wood County, Ohio. Reese worked for the Ohio Oil Company at the time of his death and I have a picture of him with my gr-uncle Warren Weaver.
After her son's death Elizabeth went to Dysart, Clark Co., Iowa to live with her sister Minerva Jane McNamee. They can be found living there in the 1910 census.
According to the Dysart Cemetery Records, C. E. "Carithers". (sister) is buried next to Amor and Minerva McNamee.

Her husband William is buried beside his 1st wife and several children in the Sargent Cemetery in Liberty Township Wood County, Ohio and her son Reason D. Carothers is buried in the Rudolph Cemetery also in Liberty Township Wood County, Ohio.
I will be on the search for what happed to his wife and daughter, my mother remembers hearing of a Wave Carothers, could this be Helen W., Reese's daughter?